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People’s Park in the Sky

I’ve been to Tagaytay many times in my life and it’s always the typical trip to Picnic Groove+Sonya’s Garden+Starbucks+La Trobada Restaurant for the best bulalo and view+Good Sheperd. But this time, my tita and her family tagged me along to this place called People’s Park in the Sky because of its awesome and romantic view!

The People’s Park in the Sky is also known as the Palace in the Sky was an unfinished project by the late Pres.Ferdinand Marcos and his wife for recieving special guests of the country (Philippines) such as Pres.Ronald Regan. But the palace was never finished due the problems that Pres.Marcos faced during that time.

Since it’s an unplanned trip after our sunday church, it was such a pity and full of regrets that I left my trusty dslr at homeĀ and was armed with my camera phone only! I missed a lot of great shots but I will surely go back to this place with my husband!!!!

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