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Sweet Revenge

After a few months of hiatus finally i’m back here in Guam (arrived here last dec.26th). And it’s been a long time since my last entry here…i became seriously busy back in manila and lost my appetite to blog:( My supposedly 4weeks of vacation became 4months due to the delay of my visa, the never ending dilema on the renovation of our house and a dreadful skin allergy! Whew! Praise GOD that all is well now!^___^ I’m looking forward to my blogging days again and new things/places to discover here in Guam!

I replenished my sweet stacks with Japanese KitKats and chocolates!

Went to Cafe Maru at Tumon for these yummy Waffle Rainbow! (It’s a bit too much for $6.99…oh well, almost everything’s overpriced in Tumon!)


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