Sweet Revenge

After a few months of hiatus finally i’m back here in Guam (arrived here last dec.26th). And it’s been a long time since my last entry here…i became seriously busy back in manila and lost my appetite to blog:( My supposedly 4weeks of vacation became 4months due to the delay of my visa, the never ending dilema on the renovation of our house and a dreadful skin allergy! Whew! Praise GOD that all is well now!^___^ I’m looking forward to my blogging days again and new things/places to discover here in Guam!

I replenished my sweet stacks with Japanese KitKats and chocolates!

Went to Cafe Maru at Tumon for these yummy Waffle Rainbow! (It’s a bit too much for $6.99…oh well, almost everything’s overpriced in Tumon!)


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Another foodie post and this one’s my new favorite!:)


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Benii’s Green Tea Icecream Tempura! I love it so much!

Benii is a Japanese Restaurant in Upper Tumon, that offers a wide array of food in their menu to satisfy your cravings and they also have rotary sushi inside! ^____^

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Today’s Dessert ^___^


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Godiva Chocolatier

Me and my husband have a great knack to eat anything chocolate that we couldn’t resist to try Godiva’s Chocolixir drink…it was just divine. We discovered it on a magazine that they serve cold drinks in their Tumon store beside Underwater World and in front of DFS.


Dark Chocolate Decadence





Chocolate Bar: 57cents per 5grams


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Goodbye Bonchon! Hello Pochon!!!

I came from Manila that is full of Jollibee, Max’s, Mang Inasal, Andoks, Chicken Baliwag, Bonchon and the likes, that’s why it is not surprising that I love anything that is chicken! Last week, me and my husband decided to have lunch at Pochon (Tumon branch) and we are surprised on how delicious their chicken are…it was very crispy, flavorful and it exceeded our expection that nothing will beat my favorite Bonchon. And we’ll definitely come back again!

Not bad for $8 (I ordered medium spicy)


The aftermath! *busog*


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Green Tea Creme Brulee

My new favorite dessert at Ajisen Ramen!^____^ It’s so yummy and a must try too for non-green tea lovers.


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Port Of Mocha

I’m a big fan of frappuccino and moving in to Guam without a single Starbucks coffee shop that is open to the public (though there’s one inside the U.S. base 😦 ) is very disappointing!!!

But I recently discovered Port Of Mocha in Tumon that serves very commendable coffee drinks and yummy desserts…made my heart happy!

They also have Mint Mocha Frappuccino which I truly liked.

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The Good Food

Look what I found in the grocery store…


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Kawaii Sweets!!! ^_____^

Loving these sweets from ate Ruby! Thank you so much! ^____^

They’re sooo cute!!!

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