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Advance Birthday Gift!!!

Praise GOD!!!^___^ We’re expecting!!! After several days of headaches+sluggishness+abdominal cramps+and weird cravings…the looong wait is over: i’m pregnant! Woohoo!


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Wise Owl

When we got back from Manila, after a week when we got him from our friend, our little piggie got terribly sick and he lost a lot of weight because he won’t eat at all even his most favorite cucumber, from the looks of him…he wouldn’t make it. So I called the nearest animal clinic from our place-Wise Owl and was relieved when the vet confirmed that they do check-ups on small animals such as my guinea pig!
On the day of our appointment, the vet confirmed that he got pneumonia (our piggie had a hard time breathing) probably from the cold weather and lost almost half of his weight, and to our relief he said that it can be cured by antibiotics for 10days (2x a day/2ml). Whew!
Just overnight, our piggie sprang back to life *literally* and started to eat his veggies except carrots&pellets because it was hard to chew&swallow. And after several days of chasing my piggie for him to take his antibiotics…he is now healthy and naughty again!





*Fender’s crazy pose!*

*On Wise Owl
Expect a thorough check-up on your pet, the vet knows what he’s doing, in the same time expect a hefty bill too. It’s expensive and costly to have a sick pet:( My husband just laughed it off because our pet’s check-up bill was way more expensive than his health check-up!

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Sweet Revenge

After a few months of hiatus finally i’m back here in Guam (arrived here last dec.26th). And it’s been a long time since my last entry here…i became seriously busy back in manila and lost my appetite to blog:( My supposedly 4weeks of vacation became 4months due to the delay of my visa, the never ending dilema on the renovation of our house and a dreadful skin allergy! Whew! Praise GOD that all is well now!^___^ I’m looking forward to my blogging days again and new things/places to discover here in Guam!

I replenished my sweet stacks with Japanese KitKats and chocolates!

Went to Cafe Maru at Tumon for these yummy Waffle Rainbow! (It’s a bit too much for $6.99…oh well, almost everything’s overpriced in Tumon!)


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Artist Madhouse

I would usually stay at home or visit the cemetery during Halloween but this time I decided to help my best of friends in their mall event booth at Trinoma!

Meet Carol & Jem!



My diva-puppet!

The Kiddos

The aftermath

Please do visit my friends’ websites:

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Hani’s Birthday!

“I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus.”

(1 Corinthians 1:4, NIV)

To my loving husband,

Happy Birthday!!!!
GOD loves you so much and blessed you with great things in your life…that you may serve Him more and inspire us! I miss you and I love you sooo much!

Let’s celebrate your birthday when you come home hani and I’ll cook your favorite dishes! ^_____^

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People’s Park in the Sky

I’ve been to Tagaytay many times in my life and it’s always the typical trip to Picnic Groove+Sonya’s Garden+Starbucks+La Trobada Restaurant for the best bulalo and view+Good Sheperd. But this time, my tita and her family tagged me along to this place called People’s Park in the Sky because of its awesome and romantic view!

The People’s Park in the Sky is also known as the Palace in the Sky was an unfinished project by the late Pres.Ferdinand Marcos and his wife for recieving special guests of the country (Philippines) such as Pres.Ronald Regan. But the palace was never finished due the problems that Pres.Marcos faced during that time.

Since it’s an unplanned trip after our sunday church, it was such a pity and full of regrets that I left my trusty dslr at home and was armed with my camera phone only! I missed a lot of great shots but I will surely go back to this place with my husband!!!!

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No more witches&wizards!

The looong wait is finally over…


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Two kittens hangin’ on my phone!^____^ Sooo cute and functions as a dust stopper for the earjack! I bought them online for just Php150.00 (around $4)!

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Metro Life!

I’m finally back in Manila to run some personal errands and quality time with family&friends! Whew! It’s good to be back even with the non-stop rain and heavy traffic because GOD is awesome & great and I trust Him & His plans for me!

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Happy Labor Day!


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