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Strawberry Curlers

It’s time to use them for Roong’s wedding! I love these foam curlers that I bought from Manila.


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Pick HIM!


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To my bestfriend!


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Happy 4th!


To my hani…
– Who likes to spoil me so much
– Who likes to grill bbqs
– Who likes my cooking even if they’re not that good sometimes
– Who likes to play vita “hahah”
– Who likes to scratch fender’s back(our guinea pig)
– Who likes to bring me to the beach and watch the sunset
– Who likes to crack me up with his funny jokes and antics
– Who likes to listen about my pondered thoughts and mundane things in the middle of the night even if he’s so sleepy
– Who is the best singer and bass guitar player
– Who is the best engineer
– Who is the most hardworking husband
– Who is the most good looking man
– Who is my best friend forever

– Who is the most sweet and loving husband…
And to whom i gave my sweet YES 4 years ago…Happee Anniversary! I love you sooo much!!!

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Green Tea Creme Brulee

My new favorite dessert at Ajisen Ramen!^____^ It’s so yummy and a must try too for non-green tea lovers.


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Roong’s Bridal Shower

It was a special night for our dear Roong to celebrate her bridal shower and her final days in singlehood before she gets married this coming June 30. It was such a blast! The event was filled with funny games, yummy food, great fellowship, and some heart warming messages for the bride-to-be! We failed to surprise her though. Hahah!











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Parasailing in Cocos!

We finally had the chance to do parasailing…and I’ve been wanting this for such a loooong time. And I thanked the LORD for this wonderful experience! <3<3<3

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Oh Cocos Island!!!

Our little getaway in Cocos Island with the family and oh my…we truly had an awesome and memorable day! ^______^ I have a lot of good things to say about this trip but I’ll just let my photos do the job. WYSIWYG.

*at the port*

There are a lot of birds though in the island due to the absence of snakes…yey for that and just don’t mind the smell of the guanos.

Please do visit their website for the rates and more infos about the island, and please do plan ahead for the trip ^____^

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