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Saturdate at Ipan Beach

A beautiful morning date at the beach with my husband!

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Summer’s Here!

Summer’s finally here and it’s getting hotter by the minute! And one of my favorite summer getaway place is Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales, P.I. It’s the closest to my heart because it’s where I met my husband and got married.

Canoe Beach Resort

A favorite stop-over among tourists, because it’s where you can find the boats that will get you the islands, a good place to eat and a clean place for lodging.

The view here is superb! Overlooking the Camara and Capones islands.

Punta de Uian is a great resort to stay and relax in Zambales, due to the scenic views that will put you in awe, lots of amenities, outdoor and fine dining experience.

View from our room.

And finally the islands…

Anawangin Cove is a famous travel destination for beach lovers and campers, its name is almost synonymous to Zambales. The place is surrounded by mountain rocks known to be formed by ages of past volcanic activities (the place reminds me of Brokeback Mountain) and with lush pine trees that thrive behind the banks of the cove. There’s a very minimal fee for island visitors of Php50 per head/day trip and Php150/overnight stay.

Capones Island is famous for its white sand and the Spanish colonial lighthouse that sits on top of a hill. I find this island a good place to swim and great for photo ops!

Camara Island is smaller than Capones Island and very distinct because of its shape and sandbar.

I will definitely go back there if given the time! But for the mean time i’m still here in Guam to explore and have new adventures.

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